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Products > Heavy Duty Paper Guillotine > Heavy Duty Paper Guillotine

Factors to Consider

  • How many sheets of paper do you need to cut at a time?
    You may determine which machine to buy based mainly on the number of sheets of paper you need to cut at a time. If you need to cut more than 50 sheets, you'll want to consider purchasing a cutter rather than a trimmer.
  • What types of materials do you need to cut?
    Cutters are typically used to cut paper or card stock, but trimmers can cut paper, card stock, poster board, mat board, foam mounting board, plastic, film, negatives, tissue and textiles.
  • Will you need a memory bank to store user-programmed cuts?
    For making complicated cuts or repeat cuts, you should purchase a programmable electric cutter that lets you program and save numerous cutting sequences.

Types of Cutters :

  1. Electric Cutters
    Electric cutters operate their clamps and back gauges using electricity. In the fully automatic models, both clamps and back gauges are run by electricity, while in the semi-automatic cutters, either one of the mechanisms may be manually operated.
  2. Hydraulic Cutters
    Hydraulic cutters are powered by pressurized fluid to clamp and cut paper. Its clamping and cutting forces are measured in pounds.
  3. Manual Cutters
    Manual cutters are an economic way of cutting moderate amounts of paper. The clamping system and back gauge are both manually adjustable.
  4. Programmable Cutters
    Programmable cutters allow you to program cutting sequences and save them to its memory bank. A memory key also allows you to make repeat cuts of the same cutting dimensions.

Proxima 430
Cutting Width
:  430 x 430 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness :  50 mm
Paper Pressing Style
:  Manual
Paper Pushing Style
:  Manual
Package Measurement
:  850 x 780 x 670 mm
Gross Weight
: 85 kgs
Net Weight :  80 kgs
Proxima 470
Cutting Width
:  470 x 470 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness :  80 mm
Paper Pressing Style
:  Manual
Paper Pushing Style
:  Manual
Package Measurement
:  940 x 870 x 735 mm
Gross Weight
:  115 kgs
Net Weight :  110 kgs


450 VS Digital Display
Cutting Width :  450 mm
Max Cutting Thickness :  40 mm
Paper Pushing & Pressing Style :  Automatic
Motor Power :  AC 220V/550 W
Package Measurement :  720 x 650 x 1080 mm
Gross Weight :  130 kgs
Net Weight :  115 kgs

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